Our Yoga Classes

YOGA TOTS - 3-5 year olds

Our parent & child YOGA TOTS classes are most suitable for 3-5 year olds.  They are a great way to introduce Yoga to children – this fun and exciting class will lead your child through a yoga inspired story using colourful props and music and will conclude with relaxation and mindfulness. The best bit... you get to do it with them!

The class is fun, exciting and at times energetic, despite some misconceptions that all yoga is always calm and peaceful. The class explores the foundations of yoga such as poses and sequences, alongside a variety of props to explore and play with.

We have stretchy bands, ribbons, bubbles, spiky balls, yoga blocks, pom poms, bean bags to name a few! The class has a huge element of role play, which will develop your child's imagination, as we pack our yogi bags and fly on our magic carpets to different magical places. We can promise your little one will be physically and mentally stimulated through out and the magical bit... you get to practice with them.

YOGA STARS - 5-7 year olds

Our YOGA STARS classes are most suitable for 5-7 year olds.  This after school class is a great way to introduce Yoga to school age children.  Yoga has been long used by adults who’ve found a range of positive results, from improved posture to reduced anxiety. Through teaching children yoga, we’ve found that many of these effects are actually experienced by kids too, especially those of school age.

If you’ve been thinking about introducing your child to the world of kids’ yoga, here are just some of the benefits…


  • Helps grow confidence

  • Promotes a Healthy Body

  • Improves concentration

  • Helps to manage stress through breathing

  • Promotes inclusivity

  • Introduces mindfullness

  • Improves co-ordination and balance


Helps to align the body and mind through mindful stories


Creating a flow between their body and mind helps builds confidence


Improvements in attention, concentration and even behaviour too

Healthy Body

Poses that stretch, strengthen and build
co-ordination too

Manages Stress

Controlled breathing can help to give us a sense of calm and reassurance