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Our TOTS, TIPTOES & PRE-PRIMA dance classes are most suitable for confident walkers up to 4 years old.  With the use of colourful props, instruments, ribbons, bean bags and pom pom's coupled with our choice of fun, upbeat music and a new theme each week, our classes will help to inspire your child's imagination through dance, song and play.  

Your teacher will learn your child's name from the outset and following the warm up, will guide your child through many fun and engaging exercises, that will help them to stretch, balance, count, take turns, share and move around the space galloping, hopping, jumping and tip toeing.

Our themes include Under the Sea, Circus, Off to the Island, in Outer Space and the Toy Shop...with over 30 exciting themes, we have more than enough to keep your child
engaged week after week.

We encourage the parent/carer to play a very active role in these classes, at this age you are your child's best teacher. They watch and copy everything you do everyday,
so why not in our classes too!


Our PRIMA AWARD & PRIMA STARS classes are most suitable for 4-6 year olds.  These classes 

have been designed for those that would eventually like to make the transition to join a more 'formal' Dance School but don't yet feel confident enough to do to so. 

The class will utilise the foundations of dance at a more advanced level to our parent and toddler dance classes but will also introduce your dancer to a range of styles and disciplines to really inspire their first memories of dancing.


Your child will work more independently in this class, no longer in a circle but in straight line facing their teacher.  There will be opportunities in the class for your child to suggest ideas, be a leader and also work together with their peers, in pairs or as a group.  As well as the themed based exercises that change each week, they will also be encouraged to travel across the floor demonstrating leaps, jumps, gallops and skipping and will end each class with a dance that relates to the theme that week, a curtsey or bow and a sticker.

The 'Grown Up' is still be expected to attend this class but as the weeks progress, we would like to encourage your 'Prima' to participate in the class by themselves.


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3-4 Year Olds


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5-6 Year Olds

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