How much are the classes?

If the half term is paid upfront, you will be offered the discounted rate of £4 per class (siblings £2 per class). Alternatively, you can PAYG at £5 a class (£2 for siblings).

How do I book a class?

You can book a class through our our online booking system here >> https://tiny-tots-dance.class4kids.co.uk

Can I book a trial?

Yes you can. Trials are charged at a reduced class fee (sometimes FREE - keep an eye on our Facebook page) and you can book your child in for a trial at any time. Simply use the booking system to choose the class you would like to trial.​

What age can my child start classes?

We are happy for any child who is confidently walking to come along to a class with us. However, we do feel from 18 Months is around the best age to get the most from our classes.

Do the grown ups need to take part to?

Yes, if your child is in a Tots or Tutus Class then our classes are very much Grown Up and Child participation. You are your childs best teacher, so they are likely to get more from the class if you are taking part too.

It is also a great bonding opportunity for you both to join in together. In the Tutu class we will begin to encourage your child to start taking part by themselves or with a friend, particulary for the travelling section. However, this is never forced. If your child is not ready to do things by themselves in this class, then there is no pressure for them to do so.
In our Prima Award and Prima Star classes, we would expect your child to take part by themselves. You are still expected to attend the class and you are allowed to watch the class. This gives your child the opportunity to come to you if they need you.

What should I expect in a class?

The first 10-15 minutes is a meet and greet, giving your child the perfect opportunity to adapt to their new surroundings, meet their Tiny Tots Dance Teacher and fellow Tiny Tots Dancers, before the fun really starts! A few props will be placed in the space to encourage your child to play and begin socialising with other children. Next part of the class is 30-35 minutes long with an introductory hello welcome song, warm up dance, various songs and routines…lots to inspire and energise your Tiny Tots Dancer. We ask that the parent or carer joins in as much as possible to help your little one discover new ideas and discover what their body can do. We end with a goodbye song, drink & biscuit (which is provided FOC by your Tiny Tots Dance Teacher). NB. If your child has any food intolerances please do let us know so we can accommodate a suitable biscuit/drink for your child.

Why do I have to book my child a place?

We ask that you book your child a place for Health & Safety reasons. Our classes can get very busy and booking with us, not only helps us to manage numbers but also ensures your child has a place each week. We also ask for contact numbers should there be an emergency and we need to contact someone on your behalf.

Do I need to book a place even if I want to PAYG?

Yes. Regardless of how you choose to pay for your classes, you MUST book your child a place. If you would like to PAYG, simply book in for the class of your choice and 'click out' when the system takes you to the payment page. Pay your teacher in class and your teacher will mark it on the system and send you a receipt by email.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 45 mins-1 hour long. Don't worry, we do not expect you and your tiny tots to dance for the full duration of the class. Our class is usually broken down to a welcome, gentle sitting and standing exercises, then onto the more energetic part of the class with instruments, pom poms and a travelling section. It will then continue with a shared story, stimulus or prop to explore then finish with our last dance, a sticker and a biscuit.

What should my child wear?

Your child will need to wear something they can move in and is comfortable, t-shirt and shorts, leggings or skirt is perfect. If your child would like to wear a leotard or tutu then they are welcome to do so, but it is not compulsory to wear “dance attire". For the Tiny Tutus & Prima Award Dance Classes, it is often suggested that they wear some suitable footwear for class, but again, this is not compulsory. Ballet shoes are available to purchase from us. Please see our SHOP page or request an order form by email hello@tinytotsdance.co.uk.

What would you recommend they wear on their feet?

Bare feet or ballet shoes are ideal. There are advantages to both. Dancing bare foot can help young dancers develop the arches and muscles in their feet and can also connect them to the floor to feel grounded. Ballet shoes give them the experience of taking a dance class and having something special to put on before class. The shoes help with balance and keep their feet clean and safe. Ballet shoes are not compulsory. Shoes Tip: Please tie the strings in a bow on ballet shoes and tuck inside the shoe.

What does the enrolment fee cover?

The enrolment fee covers the cost of your child's sticker card, stickers and on completion of their sticker card, they will be awarded a certificate and badge. You will only pay one enrolment fee per child and once when you join us.

Is it possible to lose my childs place?

Yes. If you miss 3 classes in a row without prior notice, then we assume you no longer want your place and it may be offered to another child if there is a waiting list.

What if I leave and then want to come back?

If you lose your place and would then like to re-join a class at a later date, then you will need to re-book for your place. If the class you wish to join is full, then you will need to go onto our waiting list and you will be offered a place as soon as one comes up. If not, then you can book in as before.

What if my child doesn't join in?

It is perfectly normal for your child to be a little hesitant in new surroundings amongst new people they have never met, so don’t be alarmed if your child is this way for the first few weeks. Just keep encouraging your child to join in with things you know they will enjoy, banging & crashing the musical instruments are always a big hit and a sure fire way to put a smile on your child’s face! Week by week you will then start to see your child’s confidence grow as they explore their imagination, creativity and the skills they are learning through dance, song & play.

Do your classes only run during term time?

Yes, Our classes run during term time only. However, we do run 'one off' classes during some half terms and workshops during the Easter and Summer Holidays. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

I still have a question, how do I get in touch?

You are welcome to contact us via email hello@tinytotsdance.co.uk. We aim to return your email within 2-3 working days.