Dancing from walking!

Structured yet fun, energetic, full of colourful props, upbeat music, instruments, pom poms, scarves and ribbons.

Yoga Adventures!

A  fun way to introduce Yoga to
Pre-Schoolers – each theme will inspire their imagination and creativity through yoga

Let's get active!

Our themed Activ! classes encourage your child to do just that, get active in a fun and adventurous way!

"When young children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at school tasks and develop a problem-solving approach to learning"

Isenberg & Jalongo (2001)

"A massive thank you to you!!!  💗 is now 100% confident in following directions and loves to dance now to the point that she give us her own show in the garden haha.   She will truly miss Miss Kelly’s class on a Saturday morning."

"💗is so proud of her new t-shirt! It has been lovely to see how quickly her confidence has grown in class since joining. We are so pleased we chose Tiny Tots for the start of our dance journey :) Every class has been well thought out and your teaching style is perfect for our little ones!"

"My little boy has been going for almost a year now and really enjoys it. It is well planned and teaches the children to follow instructions, wait their turn and develops their physical and social skills. I highly recommend this class, my little boy has developed a lot since going to class and looks forward to it every week!"

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